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5 December 2008
Python 3.0 has been been released with some fanfare, here's my take.
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Python on Leopard
31 October 2007
As I haven't seen anyone writing much about the state of Python development on Mac OS X Leopard, here's a quick rundown. Leopard comes with Python 2.5.1 installed (OS X previously came with Python 2.3). And the interactive interpreter is now quite usable out of the box, as it includes the readline stuff you previously had to install by hand.
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Bitten Redux
5 August 2007
After my recent post on the status of the Bitten project, a couple of folks spoke up on the mailing list to say that they're using Bitten with some success, or at least would like to, which really encouraged me to start working on the project again. Sometimes these “small things” can make a real difference.
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Bitten Status Update
20 June 2007
It's been quite a while since I last wrote code for my other side-project, Bitten. I suspect neither the last release nor the current development version are fully compatible with the current development version and the next release of Trac. And I'm not really sure when I'll have the time and motivation to pick up work on Bitten again.
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Pretty Old Stuff
8 February 2007
Yesterday I noticed that the link from my projects page to my old crappy Lycos/Tripod-hosted site was dead (apparently it's okay for Lycos to take down a site without any kind of notice after some inactivity—I've now put up a new site that just redirects here).
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Managing Trac Spam
2 November 2006
Ah, the days when only early adopters were using Trac. It was an insider project that only few knew about, and even fewer used. Spammers weren't yet aware of it, and how well it is suited for spamvertising fake handbags and viagra.
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[ANN] Markup
3 August 2006
Just today I pushed out the very first release of Markup, a Python-based template engine, or, as the official tagline goes, “a toolkit for stream-based generation of markup for the web.”
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Trac, Darcs and Bazaar-NG
14 September 2005
The rather simplistic trac.versioncontrol package we cooked up for Trac a couple of months ago is slowly catching on. The original intention of the package was to cleanup the various places where Trac would use the Subversion Python bindings, and put them all in a single module, because using the bindings directly was getting somewhat of a mess.
Plugins in Trac 0.9
24 August 2005
We're planning to release a beta of Trac 0.9 any day now. Probably the most important enhancement - in my opinion - is the introduction of the plugin architecture (which I've blogged about before). That's subjective of course; others may find the improved ticket query interface, the support for PostgreSQL or the enhanced Subversion support more interesting. Or any of a huge number of other improvements and bug fixes.
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Introducing Bitten
12 July 2005
About a month ago, I started work on a new project: Bitten is a continuous integration system built on top of Trac, but with a twist: its´ focus is to enable the central collection of software metrics and other data produced by builds: unit tests, code coverage, style checks, etc. Unlike with similar systems this information isn't generated once and thrown away; rather, it is collected in a central repository so that the evolution of the project can be monitored.
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Applications, Plugins and Community
15 March 2005
Ted Leung has recently written down some thoughts about applications that are extendable by the user through plugins:
Trac Site Updated to Trunk
24 February 2005
This tuesday, Daniel updated the Trac site to use the current trunk version of Trac. The main motivation behind the update was to get rid of availability problems. In the 0.8 release, we added persistent session support, which required a lot of write operations even on read requests… thereby pushing the underlying SQLite database into frequent lock-ups. You can read more about the problem on the mailing list thread “Sessions, SQLite and the infamous `Database is locked´ error”.
Colloquy Uses Trac
23 February 2005
James Cox just installed Trac for the Colloquy project, the folks behind my favorite IRC client for Mac OS X.