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Lion Sandboxing
28 June 2011
The application sandboxing feature announced for Mac OS X Lion might be a huge step forward for desktop application security.
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Sad Day for IT Security in Germany
10 August 2007
So today the much critized “anti-hacker” law went into effect in Germany (german article on
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Automatic Escaping is Not a “Newbie Feature”
1 August 2007
A thread was started on the Django Development Mailing List about picking up the work Simon Willison started over a year ago on the AutoEscaping proposal. Which is a good idea, to be sure.
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Slides from the Genshi Talk at EuroPython 2007
13 July 2007
I arrived back home from Vilnius yesterday evening. The event was pretty cool, and I got to meet a lot of nice people doing interesting stuff with Python.
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