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Building PIL with Freetype2 on Snow Leopard
7 July 2011
Simple procedure for installing the Python Imaging Library (PIL) with Freetype2 on Mac OS X 10.6
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2 December 2009
Way too many programming languages get namespaces wrong.
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5 December 2008
Python 3.0 has been been released with some fanfare, here's my take.
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28 August 2008
I've releasing the code that's running this site.
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The Truth About Unicode In Python
3 July 2008
The unicode support in Python is generally considered to be pretty good. In this post I point out some of its limitations.
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15 April 2008
On vacation for the next three weeks.
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Python httplib Performance Problems
25 March 2008
Having trouble figuring out an awkward performance issue with Python httplib on Linux.
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Genshi Slot @ GSoC 2008
20 March 2008
Come work on improving performance of Genshi as your Google Summer of Code project.
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Eating My Own Dogfood
18 January 2008
After a couple of years of hosting on TypePad, I've finally managed to move this site onto my own server (a Linode virtual host), running on top of my currently favored set of tools.
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Python on Leopard
31 October 2007
As I haven't seen anyone writing much about the state of Python development on Mac OS X Leopard, here's a quick rundown. Leopard comes with Python 2.5.1 installed (OS X previously came with Python 2.3). And the interactive interpreter is now quite usable out of the box, as it includes the readline stuff you previously had to install by hand.
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CouchDB "Joins"
25 October 2007
I've been playing more and more with CouchDB lately. After putting together a Python library, I worked on a brand new included HTML/AJAX interface. Now I'm starting to dive into the Erlang code, which is my first serious encounter with Erlang. In particular, I started a branch that aims to replace the HTTP server underpinnings with Bob Ippolito´s not-quite-released-yet Mochiweb library.
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CouchDB via Python
27 September 2007
I've been playing with CouchDB lately, which looks like an interesting approach to data storage in many kinds of web applications. It's basically the backend part of Lotus Notes, but done right. (I'm actually old enough to have done my share of Notes development, and it sucked badly. I still think CouchDB is intriguing.)
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Django/Babel Integration
12 September 2007
This might have gone lost, either due to lack of interest, or due to myself having been flagged by some magical and over-ambitious “troll” filter on the django-developers mailing list. Anyway…
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Genshi Tutorial
5 September 2007
Genshi has pretty good reference documentation (if I may say so myself), but what was missing was something that would walk you through creating an application that uses Genshi, pointing out best practices and the like. All of the examples that came with Genshi were very basic, and the only other option for learning the library was to study the code of an application that uses it, such as Trac or Posterity. But in general, real-world applications are just too complex to be helpful in this respect.
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Bitten Redux
5 August 2007
After my recent post on the status of the Bitten project, a couple of folks spoke up on the mailing list to say that they're using Bitten with some success, or at least would like to, which really encouraged me to start working on the project again. Sometimes these “small things” can make a real difference.
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Automatic Escaping is Not a “Newbie Feature”
1 August 2007
A thread was started on the Django Development Mailing List about picking up the work Simon Willison started over a year ago on the AutoEscaping proposal. Which is a good idea, to be sure.
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More on Logic in Templates
20 July 2007
My Logic in Templates post from a couple of weeks ago generated a couple of responses, and as expected the topic is very controversial.
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Slides from the Genshi Talk at EuroPython 2007
13 July 2007
I arrived back home from Vilnius yesterday evening. The event was pretty cool, and I got to meet a lot of nice people doing interesting stuff with Python.
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5 July 2007
Nenshi is a port of Genshi to Perl. Awesome. I think this is the first time someone has ported a library I wrote to a different language/environment.
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Genshi Talk at EuroPython
22 June 2007
I've submitted a talk proposal for EuroPython 2007 in Lithuania, and it got accepted. The talk will be about Genshi. It's currently scheduled for Wednesday morning according to the draft timetable.
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Logic in Templates
21 June 2007
Going through my referrer list, I found the blog post “Django: nice and critical (article)”, which is in response to my own rant about Django, and among other things, contains the following:
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Bitten Status Update
20 June 2007
It's been quite a while since I last wrote code for my other side-project, Bitten. I suspect neither the last release nor the current development version are fully compatible with the current development version and the next release of Trac. And I'm not really sure when I'll have the time and motivation to pick up work on Bitten again.
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Announcing Babel
20 June 2007
I've just pushed out the first release of a new project that has been in the works for a couple of weeks now: Babel, a Python library for internationalization and localization in Python applications, especially web-based applications.
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Pretty Old Stuff
8 February 2007
Yesterday I noticed that the link from my projects page to my old crappy Lycos/Tripod-hosted site was dead (apparently it's okay for Lycos to take down a site without any kind of notice after some inactivity—I've now put up a new site that just redirects here).
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Genshi smells like PHP?
29 January 2007
In Python template engines - why reinvent PHP?, Cliff Wells writes:
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Managing Trac Spam
2 November 2006
Ah, the days when only early adopters were using Trac. It was an insider project that only few knew about, and even fewer used. Spammers weren't yet aware of it, and how well it is suited for spamvertising fake handbags and viagra.
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Genshi, the project formerly known as “Markup”
12 September 2006
“Markup” was just too generic a name. Finding the project web site via search engines was hard, and communication about the project sometimes awkward… Plus we found that there's another Python project out there using the name, which I somehow missed in my research. Another motivation was that we're going to include simple text-based templating in the next release, which wouldn't quite fit with the project name.
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Markup Progress and Notes
23 August 2006
Yesterday the second release of Markup (version 0.2) saw the light of day, about three weeks after the first public release.
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The Python Web Framework
22 August 2006
Apparently, the unthinkable (in the Python microcosm, anyway) has happened over at SciPy’06 during Greg Wilson's software carpentry talk.
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[ANN] Markup
3 August 2006
Just today I pushed out the very first release of Markup, a Python-based template engine, or, as the official tagline goes, “a toolkit for stream-based generation of markup for the web.”
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Plugins in Trac 0.9
24 August 2005
We're planning to release a beta of Trac 0.9 any day now. Probably the most important enhancement - in my opinion - is the introduction of the plugin architecture (which I've blogged about before). That's subjective of course; others may find the improved ticket query interface, the support for PostgreSQL or the enhanced Subversion support more interesting. Or any of a huge number of other improvements and bug fixes.
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15 July 2005
The Django website is up, and they're also running Trac (nicely customized to integrate with the rest of the site).
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