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Notes on Writing a Blog Tool from Scratch
31 January 2008
On planets, AtomPub client support, and pingbacks.
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Rendering Mode Switching Reloaded
22 January 2008
There's been quite a number of negative reactions to the recent announcement that the upcoming version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer will introduce a new way to switch between rendering modes. I personally think the proposal makes sense and is technically okay.
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Zune Fun
7 September 2007
(How´s that for a misleasing headline ;-)
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Conditional Comments Considered More of a Hack Than CSS Hacks
22 June 2007
Many web developers these days eschew CSS filters in favor of conditional comments in their HTML pages. At least in part because the vendor producing pretty much the only browser these days that requires the use of this kind of brute force design technique has asked us all to stop using CSS “hacks”.
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The Ultimate Vendor Lock-in
17 February 2005
I've recently had the privilege of working with a deployment of Microsoft SharePoint. While approaching the project with the appropriate skepticism, seeing SharePoint in action was still rather disillusioning.
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