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Building PIL with Freetype2 on Snow Leopard
7 July 2011
Simple procedure for installing the Python Imaging Library (PIL) with Freetype2 on Mac OS X 10.6
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Django/Babel Integration
12 September 2007
This might have gone lost, either due to lack of interest, or due to myself having been flagged by some magical and over-ambitious “troll” filter on the django-developers mailing list. Anyway…
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Automatic Escaping is Not a “Newbie Feature”
1 August 2007
A thread was started on the Django Development Mailing List about picking up the work Simon Willison started over a year ago on the AutoEscaping proposal. Which is a good idea, to be sure.
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More on Logic in Templates
20 July 2007
My Logic in Templates post from a couple of weeks ago generated a couple of responses, and as expected the topic is very controversial.
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Logic in Templates
21 June 2007
Going through my referrer list, I found the blog post “Django: nice and critical (article)”, which is in response to my own rant about Django, and among other things, contains the following:
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The Python Web Framework
22 August 2006
Apparently, the unthinkable (in the Python microcosm, anyway) has happened over at SciPy’06 during Greg Wilson's software carpentry talk.
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15 July 2005
The Django website is up, and they're also running Trac (nicely customized to integrate with the rest of the site).
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