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5 December 2008
Python 3.0 has been been released with some fanfare, here's my take.
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28 August 2008
I've releasing the code that's running this site.
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28 March 2008
Quick look at the diversity in terms of programming languages of the projects currently incubating at the ASF.
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Python httplib Performance Problems
25 March 2008
Having trouble figuring out an awkward performance issue with Python httplib on Linux.
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CouchDB, XML, and E4X
4 March 2008
On the upcoming E4X support in CouchDB.
Eating My Own Dogfood
18 January 2008
After a couple of years of hosting on TypePad, I've finally managed to move this site onto my own server (a Linode virtual host), running on top of my currently favored set of tools.
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CouchDB "Joins"
25 October 2007
I've been playing more and more with CouchDB lately. After putting together a Python library, I worked on a brand new included HTML/AJAX interface. Now I'm starting to dive into the Erlang code, which is my first serious encounter with Erlang. In particular, I started a branch that aims to replace the HTTP server underpinnings with Bob Ippolito´s not-quite-released-yet Mochiweb library.
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CouchDB via Python
27 September 2007
I've been playing with CouchDB lately, which looks like an interesting approach to data storage in many kinds of web applications. It's basically the backend part of Lotus Notes, but done right. (I'm actually old enough to have done my share of Notes development, and it sucked badly. I still think CouchDB is intriguing.)
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