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Bitten Redux
5 August 2007
After my recent post on the status of the Bitten project, a couple of folks spoke up on the mailing list to say that they're using Bitten with some success, or at least would like to, which really encouraged me to start working on the project again. Sometimes these “small things” can make a real difference.
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Bitten Status Update
20 June 2007
It's been quite a while since I last wrote code for my other side-project, Bitten. I suspect neither the last release nor the current development version are fully compatible with the current development version and the next release of Trac. And I'm not really sure when I'll have the time and motivation to pick up work on Bitten again.
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Berkeley DB XML Indices
24 August 2005
As the number of builds of the Bitten project continued to grow, I started to notice a rather dramatic slow-down of the build results view. I suspected that I somehow had gotten the indices on the BDB XML database wrong: while most of the information about builds is stored in the SQLite database, the generated reports (test results, code coverage, and so on) are stored in a BDB XML database. The build results page queries the BDB XML database to find out which reports were generated for a given build step.
Introducing Bitten
12 July 2005
About a month ago, I started work on a new project: Bitten is a continuous integration system built on top of Trac, but with a twist: its´ focus is to enable the central collection of software metrics and other data produced by builds: unit tests, code coverage, style checks, etc. Unlike with similar systems this information isn't generated once and thrown away; rather, it is collected in a central repository so that the evolution of the project can be monitored.
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