Genshi Slot @ GSoC 2008

20 March 2008

The TurboGears project has been accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code program this year. The project ideas include two around Genshi: generally improved performance, and compatibility with Jython. Both tricky. I volunteered to act as mentor for the performance improvements project.

If you're a student with solid knowledge of both Python and XML/HTML, and you're looking for a GSoC project that's both interesting and challenging, start by reading my own ideas for performance work. The Genshi code makes intensive use of Python language features such as closures and generators, and then there's also AST transformation and bytecode generation going on. The thing is that much of the low-hanging fruit for optimization has already been picked. In trunk we even have a _speedups extension written in C. So making major advancements in performance will require some thinking outside the box.

If you have any questions, ask on the the Genshi mailing list, and/or come visit us on our IRC channel. See also the announcement on the TurboGears mailing list and the GSoC FAQs for more information.