Eating My Own Dogfood

18 January 2008

After a couple of years of hosting on TypePad, I've finally managed to move this site onto my own server (a Linode virtual host), running on top of my currently favored set of tools.

The blog software has been written from scratch. It uses CouchDB (via the CouchDB Python library) for storage, Genshi for templating, and Babel for, well, basically just date/time formatting. It's based on a custom WSGI-enabled Python web framework that I've been hacking on from time to time, basically as a playground for me to test various ideas. You can get a very basic impression of that framework here. Look Mom, No Classes! Oh, and that scratchpad site I just linked to is based on the same stack as this blog (plus Pygments for the fancy colors.) The code isn't publicly available at this point, although I do intend to release it when I feel it's ready. Just in case anyone needs another Python web framework to choose from.

The trackback functionality provided by TypePad has been removed, but I'll look into adding solid support for comments and pingback/trackback soon-ish.