Posts in October 2007

Python on Leopard
31 October 2007
As I haven't seen anyone writing much about the state of Python development on Mac OS X Leopard, here's a quick rundown. Leopard comes with Python 2.5.1 installed (OS X previously came with Python 2.3). And the interactive interpreter is now quite usable out of the box, as it includes the readline stuff you previously had to install by hand.
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CouchDB "Joins"
25 October 2007
I've been playing more and more with CouchDB lately. After putting together a Python library, I worked on a brand new included HTML/AJAX interface. Now I'm starting to dive into the Erlang code, which is my first serious encounter with Erlang. In particular, I started a branch that aims to replace the HTTP server underpinnings with Bob Ippolito´s not-quite-released-yet Mochiweb library.
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