CouchDB via Python

27 September 2007

I've been playing with CouchDB lately, which looks like an interesting approach to data storage in many kinds of web applications. It's basically the backend part of Lotus Notes, but done right. (I'm actually old enough to have done my share of Notes development, and it sucked badly. I still think CouchDB is intriguing.)

So, I ended up writing a Python library for interfacing with CouchDB. That's actually a fairly simple task, as CouchDB uses a RESTful HTTP interface, and JSON for data encoding.

You can get the library from PyPI (the actual project is on Google Code), but please be aware that it only works with the current development version of CouchDB: the 0.6.4 release and any previous releases will not work. And of course the library is in alpha stage, as is CouchDB itself. Still, it's pretty interesting, and I encourage everyone to check it out.