Posts in September 2007

CouchDB via Python
27 September 2007
I've been playing with CouchDB lately, which looks like an interesting approach to data storage in many kinds of web applications. It's basically the backend part of Lotus Notes, but done right. (I'm actually old enough to have done my share of Notes development, and it sucked badly. I still think CouchDB is intriguing.)
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Django/Babel Integration
12 September 2007
This might have gone lost, either due to lack of interest, or due to myself having been flagged by some magical and over-ambitious “troll” filter on the django-developers mailing list. Anyway…
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Zune Fun
7 September 2007
(How´s that for a misleasing headline ;-)
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Genshi Tutorial
5 September 2007
Genshi has pretty good reference documentation (if I may say so myself), but what was missing was something that would walk you through creating an application that uses Genshi, pointing out best practices and the like. All of the examples that came with Genshi were very basic, and the only other option for learning the library was to study the code of an application that uses it, such as Trac or Posterity. But in general, real-world applications are just too complex to be helpful in this respect.
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