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Sad Day for IT Security in Germany
10 August 2007
So today the much critized “anti-hacker” law went into effect in Germany (german article on
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Quick Look at .Mac Web Gallery
8 August 2007
Like many others, I had a look the new .Mac Web Gallery feature that Apple announced yesterday. Obviously, it has a beautiful and modern look & feel, for which the developers should be commended.
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Bitten Redux
5 August 2007
After my recent post on the status of the Bitten project, a couple of folks spoke up on the mailing list to say that they're using Bitten with some success, or at least would like to, which really encouraged me to start working on the project again. Sometimes these “small things” can make a real difference.
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Automatic Escaping is Not a “Newbie Feature”
1 August 2007
A thread was started on the Django Development Mailing List about picking up the work Simon Willison started over a year ago on the AutoEscaping proposal. Which is a good idea, to be sure.
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