Slides from the Genshi Talk at EuroPython 2007

13 July 2007

The conference hotel lobby during a break

I arrived back home from Vilnius yesterday evening. The event was pretty cool, and I got to meet a lot of nice people doing interesting stuff with Python.

The Genshi talk went well, though I had to rush through the last couple of slides due to having started a tad late. What I think may have been the most interesting for people was the part about XSS and how automatic escaping in Genshi helps you avoid problems in that respect, especially when combined with the HTMLSanitizer. Although XSS has been around for about a decade now, awareness among web developers is still not as high as it should be. A talk that goes into more details on XSS, CSRF, and related attack vectors would definitely be a good idea for a future conference.

Anyway, I've prepared a PDF version of the presentation if you want to check it out.

Update: Just found a photo series of my presentation by Dalius Dobravolskas on Picasa. Thanks, Dalius!