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More on Logic in Templates
20 July 2007
My Logic in Templates post from a couple of weeks ago generated a couple of responses, and as expected the topic is very controversial.
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Soft Hyphens in Flash: Unsupported
18 July 2007
I've been tasked with some Flash development at work. I figured it couldn't be so bad because it's basically just Javascript (plus the awkward stages and tweens stuff), but so far the differences do seem to be quite a bit more drastic than I had first expected.
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Slides from the Genshi Talk at EuroPython 2007
13 July 2007
I arrived back home from Vilnius yesterday evening. The event was pretty cool, and I got to meet a lot of nice people doing interesting stuff with Python.
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5 July 2007
Nenshi is a port of Genshi to Perl. Awesome. I think this is the first time someone has ported a library I wrote to a different language/environment.
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