Genshi Talk at EuroPython

22 June 2007

I've submitted a talk proposal for EuroPython 2007 in Lithuania, and it got accepted. The talk will be about Genshi. It's currently scheduled for Wednesday morning according to the draft timetable.

The talk will discuss all the various facets of Genshi. I'll explain the reasons why you should want to use a template engine that's smart about markup, describe the overall architecture, discuss templating best practices and pitfalls, and go into topics such as HTML sanitization, HTML form population, and internationalization. The talk will also include a discussion of new functionality in the upcoming 0.5 release, in particular the new Transformer filter, which makes many kinds of markup transformations really simple and convenient.

I'll probably also rant on the Buffet API, the Django template language, and how pretty much all of the mainstream Python web frameworks assume template engines to be no more than advanced techniques for string interpolation ;-) But I'll honestly try to restrain myself.