Bitten Status Update

20 June 2007

It's been quite a while since I last wrote code for my other side-project, Bitten. I suspect neither the last release nor the current development version are fully compatible with the current development version and the next release of Trac. And I'm not really sure when I'll have the time and motivation to pick up work on Bitten again.

UPDATE: Development on Bitten has picked up again, see the follow-up post Bitten Redux.

That's not to say I've lost interest in working on the project. It's just the common problem with volunteer work: you only have so many hours a week for work on cool stuff in your spare time, and I've been sufficiently distracted by Genshi and Babel lately.

So, this is a warning: as things stand right now, you'd probably be better off looking for other continuous integration solutions that provide some level of integration with Trac, such as Buildbot or CruiseControl. The feature set or level of integration is not quite the same, but they are both more mature and more actively maintained.

When I do continue hacking on Bitten, I'm planning to make a couple of sweeping changes, such as moving master/slave communication to plain old HTTP (instead of BEEP). In the meantime, if someone wants to jump in and and help out, please let me know.


  1. In “about:cmlenz - Bitten Redux”, Christopher Lenz says:

    5 August 2007

    After my recent post on the status of the Bitten project, a couple of folks spoke up on the mailing list to say that they're using Bitten with some success, or at least would like to, which really encouraged me to start working on the …