Pretty Old Stuff

8 February 2007

BeBox with dual 133mHz PPC processors

Yesterday I noticed that the link from my projects page to my old crappy Lycos/Tripod-hosted site was dead (apparently it's okay for Lycos to take down a site without any kind of notice after some inactivity—I've now put up a new site that just redirects here).

So I went searching my drive for a backup of those old pages, found it, and “ported” one part of it—the one causing the broken link—to this site: the project page for the VST MediaAddOn for BeOS. That was a project I worked on back in 2000, when I was still doing C++ development on BeOS, most of it related to audio/music production. The other projects from that era were Cortex and MeV, both open source.

In fact, the VST MediaAddOn was the only project I ever did in my spare time that was not open source. Only the binary is available—even to myself, as I've been unable to find the source code so far. The moment I find it I'll make it available, maybe it would help someone working on MediaKit stuff on one of the heirs of the BeOS, such as Haiku or Zeta. Or simply because I somehow feel bad about not having released the code for something I wrote.

I get a warm fuzzy these days when I encounter folks that back then were involved with the BeOS community in one way or another. One of the original authors of Trac, Daniel Lundin, was an early BeOS developer, and wrote “MIDI Keys” and several other tools. Talin, these days doing lots of Python stuff and a user of Genshi, was the original author of MeV. A few folks from the Zeta and Haiku communities, such as Charlie Clark (the nice fellow behind BeGeistert) and Waldemar Kornewald, have contributed plugins and patches to Trac, because they are (or have been) using it to manage their projects.

Anyway… The next step on my nostalgia trip might be to put back up my old pages on the music projects I've been involved with in an even more distant past—including making all the tracks that I still have recordings of available for download. Not that anyone actually cares about those.