Genshi, the project formerly known as “Markup”

12 September 2006

Genshi - Generate output for the web“Markup” was just too generic a name. Finding the project web site via search engines was hard, and communication about the project sometimes awkward… Plus we found that there's another Python project out there using the name, which I somehow missed in my research. Another motivation was that we're going to include simple text-based templating in the next release, which wouldn't quite fit with the project name.

Anyhow, after some brainstorming, we settled on “Genshi”, which is Japanese and means “thread for weaving”. It's pronounced gän-shē, and spelled 原糸 in Kanji. “Thread for weaving” associates nicely with the heavy use of streams and generators in Genshi, and the name even contains the “gen” part of “generate” (albeit pronounced differently). Thanks to Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven (aka asmodai) for suggesting the name. And apologies to any early adopters for whom this comes as an inconvenience.