New Machinery

25 May 2006

Two days I ago I received a brand-new MacBook, replacing the 12" PowerBook G4 that I've been using for a bit longer than a year now.


I chose the white 2 GHz model and loaded it with 2 GB of memory. This is an awesome machine in every respect. Not had much of a problem with the glossy screen yet – it is pretty nice actually, and I suspect it's less of a power drain than a matte-finish screen of comparable brightness.

Before it arrived, I was somewhat worried by vague reports on the net about heat and “whining” (most related to the pro variant). I'm happy to report that this machine actually runs relatively cool, at least noticeably cooler than the PowerBook. Yeah, it gets too hot for your lap if you simultaneously do an EyeTV recording, build Subversion and have the fancy RSS screen saver running… but realistically, that's something I wouldn't even had attempted (simultaneously) on the PowerBook. And even in such a scenario, it still is very much usable when put on a table, because the places where your palms rest while typing don't seem to ever get more than a little warm.

There's no whining, either. The power adapter actually does sometimes emit some kind of buzzing sound while charging, but I only noticed because I was listening closely, as in, holding the adaptor up to my ear.

The keyboard is very good for a portable. Takes some getting used to, but after a while it feels great. The only complaint I'd have is that the trackpad button lacks response at the sides… like the trackpad itself, it is comfortably wide, but you don't get sufficient feedback on the sides. But that's really a minor complaint, and I hardly notice it anymore.

So just in case you've been thinking about getting one too, here's my recommendation: you'll probably not regret it.