Trac, Darcs and Bazaar-NG

14 September 2005

The rather simplistic trac.versioncontrol package we cooked up for Trac a couple of months ago is slowly catching on. The original intention of the package was to cleanup the various places where Trac would use the Subversion Python bindings, and put them all in a single module, because using the bindings directly was getting somewhat of a mess.

While at it, we also tried to keep the API abstract: while it doesn't support any features that aren't also provided by Subversion, it would at least make the integration of other version control systems easier. And exactly this is now starting to happen:

(I'm not sure how long these links will last. Apparently, those are test sites.)

The Darcs integration was written by Lele Gaifax, known also as the author of Tailor. The Bazaar-NG integration is by Johan Rydberg.


Update: now there's work being done on support for a couple more version control systems:

All of those still require some hacks to get them integrated into Trac, but hopefully we'll remedy that in a 0.9.x release.


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