Posts in August 2005

Berkeley DB XML Indices
24 August 2005
As the number of builds of the Bitten project continued to grow, I started to notice a rather dramatic slow-down of the build results view. I suspected that I somehow had gotten the indices on the BDB XML database wrong: while most of the information about builds is stored in the SQLite database, the generated reports (test results, code coverage, and so on) are stored in a BDB XML database. The build results page queries the BDB XML database to find out which reports were generated for a given build step.
Plugins in Trac 0.9
24 August 2005
We're planning to release a beta of Trac 0.9 any day now. Probably the most important enhancement - in my opinion - is the introduction of the plugin architecture (which I've blogged about before). That's subjective of course; others may find the improved ticket query interface, the support for PostgreSQL or the enhanced Subversion support more interesting. Or any of a huge number of other improvements and bug fixes.
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