iBook hard drive dying

16 February 2005

I'm writing this on an iBook whose hard drive is slowly dying. Stuff that involves disk access is dog slow, and the thing often makes buzzing sounds like it's under pain (which it probably is.) I need to get the drive replaced, but anyway I've also placed an order for a new 12" powerbook. Time was ripe for an upgrade.

Just in case you wonder why I'm not responding to mail as quickly. Or why I'm not working much on the Trac project these days. I should be back in a week, I hope.


  1. In “about:cmlenz - iBook hard drive dying – or not?”, Christopher Lenz says:

    25 February 2005

    Last week I posted an entry about the hard drive of my iBook 12" dying. I just noticed a story on Ars Technica that describes exactly the problem I've been seeing.