Posts in February 2005

iBook hard drive dying – or not?
25 February 2005
Last week I posted an entry about the hard drive of my iBook 12" dying. I just noticed a story on Ars Technica that describes exactly the problem I've been seeing.
Trac Site Updated to Trunk
24 February 2005
This tuesday, Daniel updated the Trac site to use the current trunk version of Trac. The main motivation behind the update was to get rid of availability problems. In the 0.8 release, we added persistent session support, which required a lot of write operations even on read requests… thereby pushing the underlying SQLite database into frequent lock-ups. You can read more about the problem on the mailing list thread “Sessions, SQLite and the infamous `Database is locked´ error”.
Colloquy Uses Trac
23 February 2005
James Cox just installed Trac for the Colloquy project, the folks behind my favorite IRC client for Mac OS X.
The Web Forms Wars
19 February 2005
Pemberton blasted the scripting approach taken in Web Forms 2.0, saying it doesn't scale well, is harder to maintain, doesn't address industry requirements and use cases, and doesn't provide the ability to take snapshots of each step in a forms-based process for sensitive industrial or governmental applications.
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The Ultimate Vendor Lock-in
17 February 2005
I've recently had the privilege of working with a deployment of Microsoft SharePoint. While approaching the project with the appropriate skepticism, seeing SharePoint in action was still rather disillusioning.
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iBook hard drive dying
16 February 2005
I'm writing this on an iBook whose hard drive is slowly dying. Stuff that involves disk access is dog slow, and the thing often makes buzzing sounds like it's under pain (which it probably is.) I need to get the drive replaced, but anyway I've also placed an order for a new 12" powerbook. Time was ripe for an upgrade.